Academic Appeal

UWE's appeal procedure allows students to submit an appeal if:

  • there has been a material and significant administrative error or other material irregularity such that the assessments were not conducted in accordance with the approved regulations for the module/award;

Basically, if you believe UWE have done something wrong, then you can consider submitting an appeal.

You cannot appeal:

1. academic judgment; if you are unhappy with a mark but the grounds above do not apply.

2. complain retrospectively about teaching, service related provision or supervision.

3. to inform the university about your personal circumstances at the time of the assessment

You can submit your appeal once you have received notification of your confirmed results, and then you only have TEN WORKING days to submit the appeal. Therefore it is important that you act quickly.

If you are unhappy with a mark you have received, then contact the Advice Centre and we will be able to discuss your situation in order to determine if you might be eligible to appeal. We can advise you on the procedure you have to follow and can read through your draft appeal before you submit it.

If you are unable to appeal then there may be alternative options open to you, such as submitting a formal complaint. We can advise you on the complaints procedure too.