Assessment Support


What should you do if you have failed to attend an exam or hand in a piece of coursework due to unforeseen personal circumstances, or became ill during an exam?

Missed an assessment?

If you are ill or something has happened in your personal life that has affected your ability to attend an exam or submit a piece of coursework then please contact UWE's Student Support Adviser and they will give you some advice and support. They can advise you of the implications, and guide you through any options that may be available.

Were your assessments affected by personal difficulties?

You can apply to have the mark for an assessment removed if your decision making about whether to do the assessment was affected by personal difficulties, or if you fell ill in an exam and were unable to finish it

If you would like any further information or advice about personal circumstances, contact The Students' Union Advice Centre.


If you need more time to submit a piece of coursework you can apply for a five working day extension. You need to apply no later than two working days before the deadline, and ensiure you meet the criteria for requesting an extension. You must compleet the required form and provide documentary evidence.


Late Work

The university has a submission deadline of 2pm which applies across all faculties. You should manage your time effectively and work towards this deadline.

If you miss a submission deadline you have a 24 hour window to submit the work, BUT it will receive a penalty.  The mark for the assessment will be reduced to the pass mark.

Levels 0 - 3; the highest mark you can receive is 40%

Level M: the highest mark you can receive is 50%

It is therefore important that you DO NOT rely on this! Work submitted after the 24 hours deadline will receive a mark of zero.

Where the module requires work to be submitted as a hard copy, students are strongly encouraged to submit work by hand, but work can posted in too. It is important that you have evidence of the time/date you submitted the work - the evidence must show the work was posted before 2pm on the date of submission. It is a student's responsibility to ensure the work has been received by the faculty.