Get discount codes for renewable suppliers!

Green Energy

Get discount codes for renewable suppliers!

what is green energy?

Green energy is when 100% of the energy produced comes from renewable sources. This can include: wind farms, hydropower, solar power, and geothermal energy. 

Non-renewable sources, such as coal and crude oil, have a detrimental effect on the environment. Fossil fuels release a variety of greenhouse gases when they're released, which is a major contributor to global climate change. 

To find out more about green energy, we'd recommend this useful guide

Switching to a renewable energy supplier 

It is your right as a tenant to switch energy suppliers. That's right! People assume they can’t switch providers because they’re renting but that’s not the case. However, if your bills are included in your rent, then the landlord gets to choose who you’re with.

We've put together some steps you can take to having more sustainable energy: 

1. Sign up for paperless billing

2. Find out more about the sustainability of your current supplier at Switch It

3. Consider switching to a renewable energy supplier. Ethical Consumer have this useful guide to energy suppliers 

If your bills are included in your rent the landlord with choose your supplier. However we've put together this letter you can send to your landlord, asking them to consider switching to a renewable supplier. If you would like to get further advice on this you can contact our Advice Centre.

Green Energy discount codes

Please note these are personal discount codes and the invididual will receieve money off their bill when they are used. Other suppliers are available, however these are codes we had available to share.

So Energy - receive £40 for switching, using this referral code

Bulb - receive £50 for switching, using this referral code