Financial Help

Let's face it, unfortunately money is a problem for most students - from the maze of filling in forms to get your student loan, through to managing the little you have to survive on when you arrive.

We don't want to paint a gloomy picture, as University life can be the best time of your life but we do want you to think before you spend. The important factor to remember is that you will have to make a little money go a long way.

Sitting down and planning your budget may not be fun but it is essential if you are to survive as a student. Make yourself aware of what extra funds you are eligible for and apply for them in good time.

The UWE website gives an overview of financial matters and there is also lots of usfeul information about budgeting.

Application forms for additional funds are available from Information Points. Some funds on the other hand will require an appointment so you will need to contact UWE's Money Advice & Funds Service via any Information Point.

Tel: 0117 32 85678



The consumer group Which? have an informative website for university students about all things money. Check it out here:

The website have a useful on-line calculator which helps you work out your income and expenditure:

Turn2us are a charitable service which helps people access the money available to them – through welfare benefits, grants and other help. See:



Debts are usually classed as priority or non-priority debts, but whatever the debt is, it is important to remember that it will not go away; do not ignore any letters you receive.

The University takes debts very seriously. So much so that if you have a debt to UWE then this may result in sanctions, including having library and IT facilities withdrawn.

If you are a continuing student and have a debt to UWE you may be unable to enrol for your next year of study, and if you are a final year student and have a debt to UWE your award may be withheld which will have implications on proving what you achieved at UWE for employment purposes.

Talking Money help people to manage their debts. For further information about their services visit their website

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