Personal Safety

Personal Safety

Read our top tips for staying safe in your accommodation and in Bristol.

There are many different forms of abuse that a person can be subjected to but there are experienced people who can help survivors of abuse through difficult times.

Get advice on cyberbullying.

Electrical Safety
You have a right to have safe appliances and equipment in the property you are renting.

Fire Safety
The legislation that will cover your property depends on what type of property it is.

All furniture and furnishings provided as part of a rental agreement have to comply with basic fire resistance standards.

Gas and Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be caused by faulty gas and fuel burning appliances which haven't been properly installed or regularly safety checked. It can make you very seriously ill or even kill you.

If you feel you have been harassed within the University environment, please contact the Students' Union Advice Centre. We will be able to direct you to the correct UWE procedure, help you write letters and accompany you to meetings with UWE.

Safety and Personal Protection
Staying safe and looking out for your friends is really important.

Racial Harassment
The Students' Union and the University both have an Equal Opportunities Policy and take any racial attack or racial discrimination very seriously.

Rape / Sexual Assault
Rape is a traumatic violent crime and the victim may feel guilty as well as violated in the most personal and intimate way.

UWE Report and Support tool

UWE's online tool has been developed for UWE Bristol students to get help if you've experienced something on campus or on university business that makes you feel upset or uncomfortable.

With Report and Support, you can choose to speak with one of UWE's trained advisers so they can discretely investigate incidents, or you can report issues anonymously.


Please contact the University’s Wellbeing Service for emotional support on 0117 32 86268