Rape / Sexual Assault


Rape is a traumatic violent crime and the victim may feel guilty as well as violated in the most personal and intimate way.

People are affected in many ways and suffer great distress. Many are overwhelmed and confused by painful feelings. Make sure you talk to someone, whether that be for practical advice, support or just to have someone to talk to who understands how you may feel.

It is better to report a rape or sexual assault to the police as quickly as possible after it happened because most forensic evidence needs to be taken as soon as possible.

The following are advisable:

  • not to wash or change your clothes
  • not to eat or drink anything
  • not to disturb anything in the area of the attack

Even if the attack happened a long time ago it is still important that it is reported.

For further information relating to abuse and rape:

  • The Bridge (0117 342 6999) - your first port of call for advice and support. They provide medical care, including sexual health and forensics, and can also assist clients in reporting to the police if they want to but they will never ask a client to report to the police if they do not want to; informal meetings with a police officer can be arranged without formally reporting.
  • UWE's Wellbeing Service (0117 32 86268)
  • The Green House (0117 935 1707)
  • Rape Crisis (0117 929 8868 / 0808 802 9999)
  • Victim Support (0808 16 89 111)

For further information about different types of violence and abuse, and the support services available to you, please see: www.bava.org.uk