Community Garden

what is the community Garden?

The Community Garden provides a regular opportunity for both experienced and new gardeners to get involved in their green campus and grow their own fruit and vegetables for free. By producing our own fruit and veg we are minimising our environmental impact and reducing food miles (and eating really tasty food, of course). The garden is situated in a beautiful and quiet corner of the campus, allowing you to take a well-needed screen and study.

The Community Garden is open to all students. You do not need to study an environmental subject or have sustainability experience to come along! We are running volunteer sessions for you to get involved in the garden. Please see below for dates of these. 

Check out the map below to see where the Community Garden is located (only a three-minute walk from The Students' Union). The garden is fully wheelchair accessible when taking the route shown on the map.

Grow your own food

Want to reduce the distance food travels to get to your plate? At the Community Garden you can have your growing own space to plant and cultivate your own food! Our Grounds team can advise you about growing food, so you don't need to be a green-fingered expert to do this. 

You will also have access to the garden shed for all the tools you need. If you're interested in having your own growing space on campus, please email 

Frenchay Beeline

As well as our Community Garden, the Frenchay Beeline provides growing spaces across campus. If the sign says you can eat what's growing you can pick up herbs all around campus! The Beeline also supports biodiversity on campus. You can see the Beeline map here. 



Interested in getting some more info and joining in?

We will post all of the session dates on this UWE Community Garden Facebook group in addition to this webpage. 


Wednesday 6th October 13:00 - 15:00. Find out more.

This map shows you how to get to the Community Garden from The Students' Union U block.