Greener Futures



Can your club/society join the challenge and be a part of Greener Futures?

Greener Futures is a fun, creative and rewarding competition for ALL societies and sport clubs, which provides you with inspiration and recognition (and maybe even funding) for including sustainability in your community.


We have set out a programme of over 50 challenges that your group can complete throughout the academic year. Whether it is improving your regular hangouts (e.g. using charity shop fancy dress for your Halloween social), organising special green-themed events (e.g. vegan ‘Come Dine with Me’ event), or even taking a plastic-free day, Greener Futures provides your group with ideas to keep your activities fresh whilst mobilising students across your membership.


Every challenge you complete is worth some Greener Futures points, which accumulate through the academic year. Evidence must be submitted online (e.g. a photo of a social), for each completed challenge. At the end of the year, you could build up enough points to get a Greener Futures Bronze, Silver or Gold award. The more points you gain the more likely your group is to win our main prize, which is £300 of society/club funding! You can even invent some of your own challenges and gain points.


How will Greener Futures benefit your club/society?

  • Boost your reputation, both within the university and within the local community
  • Challenge students to gain new, valuable skills
  • Adding a fresh dimension to your club/society activities
  • A funding pot of £300 available as a prize for the highest scoring society/club
  • Gives you the chance to create sustainability/social impact projects
  • Attaining the Greener Futures Bronze Award is a criteria for achieving SU Club/Society of the Year at the Sports/Societies Ball.


In addition to the main Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, there are a few other accolades to aim for as well:

  • Greener Futures Shield - given to a single club or society that has achieved the highest overall Greener Futures points - with a £300 funding prize!
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - given to both a sports club and a society that has gone the extra mile during the Greener Futures challenges.
  • Best Sustainability Project - given to both a sports club and society that have created an impressive single project, campaign or event.
  • Green Leader Award - given to a person that has shown a great commitment to the programme throughout the year.


You can make a difference for the future, whilst winning awards, building your reputation and having fun!





How can we sign up?

You must officially sign up to get involved with Greener Futures. The first thing you need to do is nominate a Greener Futures Champion for your student group. These are student representatives who are the main line of communication for the Greener Futures team and upload all your challenge evidence. Simply put, they are in charge of your overall Greener Futures submission. However, Greener Futures Champions not required to personally complete all of the challenges. The challenges are designed to engage a variety of members from your club or society.


The Greener Futures Champion should click the link below and fill in the survey to enter your group into the programme. If you do not sign up, you cannot gain any Greener Futures points. 




Q: Is this relevant to us? We are not an ‘eco’ society/club.
A: We would like to encourage students across a wide range of interests to get involved with sustainability action. You’d be surprised how much impact can you can make – from cutting down car journeys to training, organising a Fairtrade social to donating unwanted items to a charity shop – your options are only limited by your imagination. The Greener Futures team can offer continued support to help you complete challenges and generate ideas.


Q: We are already quite busy. How can we find time to complete challenges?

A: Fear not, some of the activities you are already doing will gain you points! E.g. Raising money for UWE RAG or providing vegetarian food at a social. We have also created a simple workbook with outlined challenges and evidence required to guide you through the programme. Most often, all we need is a photograph to evidence an action. We have also created a How-to guide to explain how the programme works step-by-step to make things much faster.


Q: We need more funding to complete some of the challenges. What can we do?

A: Do not worry, plenty of challenges are free (if not cheaper) to organise (e.g. giving up leaflet printing in favour of online promotion). However, we recognise that some ideas might need some funding along the way (e.g. using locally sourced food during a social). In order to help you with the costs, you can apply for Green Team Change for Change funding which gives sustainability projects up to £500 of funding support!



If you have any questions or need any support, please send us an email:


Please note: Greener Futures is totally free of charge!