A Forest the Size of UWE

The Forest the size of uwe

The Students' Union at UWE and UWE Bristol have partnered with The Converging World, a UK-based charity. TCW raise donations to invest in renewable energy in India. Any surplus income from the sale of power is then used to support our charitable objects of ecological restoration and poverty alleviation. To date, they have generated over 133,000 MW of clean green power and planted over 100,000 saplings in South India.

About the project

In parternship with TCW we have launched a project called 'The Forest the Size of UWE'. This is a student-led campaign which is aimed at balancing UWE’s annual 15,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by planting nearly 14,000 trees in the tropics. This is an opportunity for UWE to lead the way among other universities by balancing its carbon footprint.

To date, we have raised £2,325 for the cause. Our target is £22,500. However, this campaign is about far more than just raising funds. Whether your motivation is climate action, poverty alleviation or simply just for the love of tree’s you can be part of a simple solution, reducing CO2 in our atmosphere and helping to protect our planet for future generations. 

Get involved and volunteer

So if you're interested in building a better future and tackling climate change, you can volunteer on this project. We are looking for students to create digital campaigns materials and organise virtual events. All this will be done with the support of The Green Team, TCW and a digital marketing agency. If you'd like to get involved please email thegreenteam@uwe.ac.uk