what are Green team projects?

Working on a Green Team project allows you to use your skills and knowledge and apply them to real life projects. It provides a perfect way to gain experience, learn new skills, and build your CV. Taking part in The Green Team also counts towards the UWE Bristol Futures Award, and you could be certified and rewarded via our Change Maker Award.
There is a range of different ways to get involved with the Green Team projects, whether you want to campaign on the front line, work on social media in a back office, or take a project lead. Many of the Green Team projects and campaigns require a variety of skills such as marketing, media, research, and graphic design so there is something for everyone to get involved with. 
If you are interested in an existing project or campaign you can get involved by:
  • Becoming a project leader;
  • Being part of the volunteer team that ensures the delivery and success of the project;
  • Signing up to one off volunteering opportunities.
Check out our past and present projects below to find out how to get involved. If none of the projects take your fancy, there is budget and support available for you to start your very own project. 
Change for Change offers up to £500 to support students to run their social and/or environmental projects. For more information, or if you want to talk through an idea or campaign please email us at