Responsible Futures auditor

Responsible futures auditor

About the project

UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union at UWE are offering an opportunity for students to gain skills in project management, organisational change for sustainability, communications and leadership by volunteering as a Responsible Futures auditor.

Responsible Futures is certification of a whole institution’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability (SRS), spanning the formal and informal curriculum, applicable to both further and higher education. The Responsible Futures certification indicates the institution has an enabling environment for SRS to thrive, rather than an endpoint. SRS covers not only looking at environmental sustainability but wider society in relation to ethics, wellbeing, social justice, global citizenship and moral responsibility.

Depending on the number of criteria the institution and students’ union completes successfully, they can achieve either: Working Towards Responsible Futures or Responsible Futures Accreditation. Having participated in Responsible Futures this year the institution and Students’ Union will need an audit to verify their level of achievement… and this is where you come in!

UWE Bristol The Students’ Union at UWE were one of just 13 pilot partnerships, who helped develop RF 5 years ago. They achieved Responsible Futures Accreditation in 2015 and were re-accredited in 2018. It is now time to be re-audited for a third time.

The training and the auditing will all be delivered online/by phone so any student wherever you are in the world can apply to do this role!


How do I get involved?

Contact if you would like to  be involved with this exciting nation-wide programme. The closing date to express your interest is Tuesday 8th June. Call 0117 32 86897 if you want to discuss. Further details of the role below.



Two days with plenty of breaks

Day 1 (16th June): 9.30am – 5.00pm

Day 2 (17th June): 9.30am – 4.00pm

This a voluntary post with great opportunities for professional and personal development through training and support. It will also give you the professional experience of using Zoom which is one of the world leading video conferencing platforms and a skill which will be increasing sort after following COVID-19. Following the audit, you will be provided with a certificate and letter of reference from SOS-UK. This makes a great addition to your CV!


Learn more about environmental sustainability and social responsibility at your institution, gain the skills and knowledge associated with auditing, make a positive impact, improve your CV and gain valuable employability skills, participate in an SOS-UK training course, and have a fun two days learning practical skills with likeminded people!


What will it involve?


Day One

Day Two


Auditor Training

Training to deliver interviews


Desk-based Audit

Delivering interviews and supporting focus groups


  • Auditor Training: this half-day, SOS-UK audit training will equip you with all the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to conduct audits over the 2 days.
  • Desk-based Audit: this will involve reviewing the Responsible Futures toolkit submission and evidence your institution and students’ union has submitted in advance of the audit – ranging from photos of related events, to changes in policy and procedure! You’ll get an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at how change occurs at your institution.
  • Assisting with interviews: there will be three key interviews including individuals from the Students’ Union and the University. You will be trained by SOS-UK to lead the interviews alongside fellow student auditors.
  • Assisting with focus groups: there will be one or two student focus groups examining student opinions around sustainability and social responsibility. You will be invited to assist through taking notes, leading discussion, and facilitating ideas-sharing if you wish. These will be online.

You will generally be working in pairs or teams and be supported by SOS-UK Responsible Futures staff.

Key skills and experience gained:

  • Experience of working on a national programme in a professional environment
  • Knowledge of environmental management and social responsibility techniques in offices and academic institutions.
  • Insight into effective behaviour change methods
  • Experience of communicating using a variety of different means
  • Ability to support and encourage others to perform an audit
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Project management
  • Team development
  • Report writing
  • Experience of using Zoom video conferencing and presenting software

At certain points the audit may be photographed and videoed. You will be asked to complete a model release form. Please let us know in advance if you do not want to be in any photos and we will ensure your needs are accommodated.

If you are interested in taking part in this please contact by Tuesday 8th June.