HallsLife Awards


The HALLSLIFE Awards 2019

The HallsLife Awards, our ground breaking HallsLife awards are here,

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All students in Halls are welcome to join us at our awards evening:

24 May 2019 @ the The Students' Union at UWE


The FREE ticket includes drinks on arrival, as well as food and soft drinks.

Nominations are now open and will close 19 May. 


Best post in the Facebook group

To be judged by the HallsLife team, wit, sarcasm, joy any or all of these could get you shortlisted.

Best Flat Parent

Is there 1 flatmate who always makes sure you have a safe night out? Or who organises all your social activities? Maybe they just make sure you’re up for lectures, or even just cook the best meals and take the bins out. If someone comes to mind, nominate them for the Best Flat Parent award!

Most Likely To Still Be Working On Their Degree In 6 Years

Do you know someone who always submits to TRUwe about people being loud on the 5th floor, instead of actually working? Are they more Lakota than Library? We all know someone, nominate them for the Most Likely To Still Be Working On Their Degree In 6 Years award!

Best Couple

Did Cupid’s arrow shoot you during your time in halls? Maybe you met at Speed Dating? Or you think your bromance is just really worth acknowledging, it’s time to celebrate L O V E (seeing as it saves the day), so nominate your favourite twosome for the Best Couple award!

Best Squad Photo

We want to see your Best Squad Photo that represents your community, your memories, your HallsLife. Whether it was a picture from Welcome, a selfie from a night out, or a cosy night in you all shared, submit your best photo that sums up your year in halls!

Worst Chef

We all know someone who could burn cereal. Do you know someone who always relies on Bring Your Own Bowl for a decent meal, or is always the first in the queue whenever the SU hands out Dominos? If their bad cooking induces Gordon Ramsay style rage in you, nominate them for the Worst Chef award!

All nominations are considered by a panel and a winner will be agreed upon for each category. 


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