Dont Drink And Drown

Don't Drink and Drown

Here at The Students Union we work together with two partners, The Royal Life Saving Society UK and Avon Fire and Rescue Service, who are committed to educating students about the dangers of mixing open water and alcohol.


Don’t Drink and Drown is a national campaign that warns drinkers to steer clear of walking by or entering water when under the influence of alcohol.

Research indicates that around a quarter of all adult drowning victims have alcohol in their bloodstream.

The campaign was launched following a string of tragic student drownings.

The campaign has two targeted time frames through the year where RLSS UK and partners push messaging – September and December.


The campaign has two main objectives:

• To influence people to make small changes in their behaviour

• Cut down the number of drink related drownings



Avon Fire and Rescue Service have launched their new water safety campaign with Bristol Bears and Bath Rugby called #MatesMatter. The two teams have put their local rivalry aside for the campaign, with the Service hoping to half the number of water fatalities in the area by 2026.

#MatesMatter focuses on giving people the power to make sure they ensure their friends are safe around water. Simple things like walking them home a different route avoiding the water’s edge or making sure you stay as a group can make a huge difference.

Watch the video of Bristol Bears and Bath Rugby here: