Useful information on travelling at night in the city.

Get Home Safe

Useful information on travelling at night in the city.

You've had a great night; danced your socks off, partied with your friends and maybe even had your end-of-the-night kebab from Jason Donervan - now its time to get home safe. It is important to plan ahead and know how you're getting home - especially if you're planning to have a couple of drinks which can make you vulnerable later at night. Here is some useful information for you: 


Buses are by far the most affordable way to get around Bristol (especially at night).Bristol has an extensive network of bus services which run after midnight, with several services running 24/7. As long as you know what time your bus is, you can cover your travel for the night out for £2.30 with the First Mtickets app. 

Our top bus tips:

  1. Get the First MTickets App
    It's cheaper than buying on the bus and you're less likely to lose your ticket.
  2. Get the UK Bus Checker App 
    For live timetable updates wherever you need them.
  3. Check the time tables.
    On a Saturday night, the 70 runs all through the night, for other times and routes it's good to know when the last bus home is. Click here for all the UWE related timetables in Bristol.


The other way of getting home is in a taxi. Taxis are far more expensive, especially if you live further out from town, even filling a taxi and splitting the cost doesn't always help.

Obviously, Uber is an option and it allows you to split the cost with other people who have the app. However, surge pricing at busy times can be brutal on the bank account so bear that in mind when heading out. (Uber top tip: Make sure your phone charged!)

The alternative is a traditional taxi - they are usually parked at taxi ranks across the city centre or you can call a company to book one. (Top tip: regardless of how you're travelling for your night out, keep some cash separate for getting home just in case)