Candidate Information


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Resources - The Leadership race March 2022


Key Resources

Candidate Briefing 

Candidate Pledge of Fair Play

Candidate Information Pack 

Expenses claim spreadsheet


Poster placement location Maps

Please note these are for elections only not for normal posters, if you are not sure please contact before you or your campaign team put up your posters.

ELECTIONS RULE - You must only use Blu Tack (White) to put up posters except on the pin boards located in X Block where you must use pins. Using anything else including but not limited to cellotape, command strips and Blu Tack (Blue) will result in elections sanctions.

***Please note some building/block access may not be available until Monday morning.***

Frenchay campus map - general map

Frenchay - B, E, Q, R, X, Z blocks - poster locations

Frenchay - Union 2 - poster locations


Bower campus map - general map

Bower - A, C, F - poster locations


Glenside campus map - general map

Glenside - B, C, E, H - poster locations


Support Documents and Videos

Making a Video

Making a Video PowerPoint


Designing a Campaign

Designing a Camapign PowerPoint


Social Media

Social Media PowerPoint 


In-Person Campaigning

In-Person Campaigning Powerpoint


Project Managment PowerPoint


Manifesto Guide PowerPoint


Example Materials


Election FAQs

Door Knocking Information



Nominations Open: 10:00 Tuesday 07 December

Nominations Close: 12:00 Friday 18 February

Voting Opens: 10:00 Monday 7 March

Expenses claim spreadsheet Submission Deadline: 12:00 Noon Wednesday 9 March

Voting Closes: 22:00 Thursday 10 March

Results Announced: 19:00 Friday 11 March


Voting issues?

If you are having issues voting, a member of the elections team will be able to walk you through the process please contact us to arrange a time for us to empower you to vote.