Candidate for the position of Vice President Sports and Health



Transparency, Communication, Participation. Vote Serena for VP Sports & Health!

Hello, I’m Serena. I’m studying my final year of Business & Management. I’ve been a member of UWE Women’s Football for three years, and am the current President of the club. 


I am running for VP Sports & Health because I am immensely passionate about making a positive impact, facilitating and creating opportunities for students.


I work at the Centre for Sport and understand the importance of good relations between them and the SU. I want our sports clubs to have the best facilities possible. Ensuring campus-based or accessible facilities is so important for participation. 


Joining a club can be expensive for students when considering memberships, kit, and equipment. I will ensure the allocation of finances are completely transparent for members, so they understand exactly where their money is going. 


I want to offer additional support with both budgets & additional funding opportunities at the beginning of the year. Sports budgets need to be an easy-to-understand process for students.


Our sports clubs must be all-inclusive and accessible to everyone -  no matter who you are, where you’re from, or the campus you are based. Sport at UWE is about taking part. I want to work with our Off-the-Wall programme to provide more cross-campus opportunities for social and non-competitive sports/activities.


Great communications lead to good relations. I want to improve communication between the SU and sports clubs by having flexible, allocated drop-in sessions for students’ to discuss ideas, worries, or concerns. I’ve experienced first-hand the frustrations poor communication can cause. Whether it’s to discuss finance, transport, or varsity, students’ need to know that access to their support network is readily available. 


Varsity is a huge deal. I want the 2017 Series to be the best EVER. I want to give the people of Bristol a reason to shout about how great our University is, and raise the profile of the sports taking part.


Being involved in a sporting community has developed me as an individual mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to be part of creating a sporting community for UWE Students’. 


I want to build a solid infrastructure for UWE Sports, and help pave the pathway for all clubs to make their own successes. 


I want UWE Sports clubs to be the best they can be. So let’s work together to make this the best year yet! 


Vote Serena for VP Sports & Health!