Candidate for the position of President

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Have a voice, make a choice and vote Ahmd #1 SU President! UWE needs BNOC

My name is Ahmd Emara and I’m doing a masters in International Banking & Finance Law. Having spent this year as your Frenchay Campus Officer, I’m running to be your next Students’ Union President because I believe that I still have more to offer to help you make the most of your experience at university.

This year I consulted with you on many vital issues and as a result I was able to lobby for the following:

More vegetarian/vegan options on campus

Sorting some of the residential halls issues such as the washing machines in WallsCourt and resulting in two new washing machines

Lobbying to have free microwaves and hot water available on campus for your use.

I want to represent you by doing the following:

Improve the quality of your education, earlier released & flexible timetables and more study spaces!

Your timetables need to be out early enough to plan part time work or child-care, making sure that you haven’t got to wait hours between each lecture. I want to make sure that you get the best education by having your lectures filmed and uploaded to Blackboard to help with your revision. 

I'll also lobby to increase access to study spaces including more PC Labs and learning zones open 24/7

Better Networking Over Campuses so that you make the most benefit of your SU (BNOC):

Develop better communications between your SU and you across campuses and developing facilities on all campuses

Work with and support every sports club, society and network we have to increase membership and secure more funding.

Improved and timely transport

You need to get to university on time. The university has the power to influence bus companies, I want to lobby for this.

I intend to lobby the university to ensure we have adequate parking spaces and that the costs of parking are affordable for all students, but also I will promote cycling and sustainability across all campuses!


Around 15% of the students studying at UWE are international. Home students from low income backgrounds, also struggle to find guarantors. Without a guarantor many landlords and agencies usually require potential tenants to pay from 6 – 12 months’ rent in advance. I want to lobby the university to provide a guarantor scheme.


More support for mental healthcare and lobby the university to create a pets’ room to relieve your stress.