Candidate for the position of Vice President Societies and Communication



Wynter is coming.

Hey! I’m Bahkai Wynter, an English and History student here at UWE finishing the finial year of my course.

I am the current president and founder of the UWE Comedy Society, which was an idea I had one day and decided to take it off the ground for the benefit of my friends and any students who share my vision (some of you may have seen me preform stand up on Campus!)

This is the same approach I intend to take with Societies and Communications, except this time I intend to work to meet the needs of all UWE students. 

I want to really tackle exposure with societies, which is something that has been addressed in the past, but I intend to utilise the effect of digital media to improve outreach. This involves much more photography of society activities and videos where possible. I also do some photography and create short videos as a hobby and will be taking an active role in this! 

There are over 100 societies, and I want to make sure if theres something a student may enjoy doing, he/she doesn’t miss out on it due to lack of information. I envision societies being a much more visible dimension of the university experience, so I intend to establish a regularly updated Facebook page solely dedicated to coverage of all society events and news. 

To expand on this, I would also like to utilise HUB Radio further by introducing a recorded radio program or podcast which covers news and events going on around the university as well as interviewing students and society committee members. I also propose to conduct interviews with students who attended UWE events to share their experience, thus giving students more of a voice, and build a larger sense of community here at UWE. 

Another way of improving the experience of students would be to facilitate further collaboration between societies, which can be done by improving existing dialogue with committees. More collaboration means bigger events, which means more social opportunities for students! Not only this but I would like to increase the presence societies have on other campuses. This can be done by way of broadening the scope of marketing, which will also be a natural result of the new page I’m proposing. 

I would appreciate any support in helping me make UWE as positive an experience as possible. Thank you!