Candidate for the position of Vice President Sports and Health

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I know Victoria's Secret - she votes for me!

Hi, I’m Erin, I am running for VP Sports and Health as I am passionate about university sport and the opportunities it gives to students of all abilities and sporting backgrounds. During my time at UWE I have been heavily involved with the Women’s Rugby Club, taking over as Vice President in my third year. I believe taking part in sport can be a hugely positive part of your University experience and I want to provide the opportunity for many more of you to participate, socially or competitively.

Firstly, I’d love to create an even better TeamUWE atmosphere on Wednesdays by looking to move sports teams to a central complex, giving home games an extra boost and promoting a university wide interest in UWE sport.

Additionally, whilst playing sport at UWE, one of my main concerns has been missing lectures on a Wednesday to travel to away games. I would work with the University to encourage the authorised absence scheme which allows students to take part in competitive sporting events with the support from teaching staff.

I’d like to help clubs target a wider audience by getting involved in the International Welcome Fair, attracting people from different backgrounds and networks. Furthermore, it is important that students from all campuses are given equal opportunities within sport, and participation is increased from Glenside, Bower Ashton and other campuses. I propose to start up specific sports fair at the start of the year at the various sites to boost interest.

During my time at UWE I have found that communicating with the SU and CFS can sometimes be problematic. Students should experience quick and transparent interactions when dealing with matters such as the speed of receiving kit. I’d like to evaluate the current system and see where improvements can be made for better communication. I’d also like to set up a quick question twitter page where students can have queries answered quickly without waiting for an email or making a trip into the SU. 

Varsity is the highlight of the year for many teams and I want to help make the series comparable to the likes of Swansea vs Cardiff. I hope to boost the events, in terms of spectators and participators, and make it the best year yet for UWE.

Vote Erin for VP Sports and Health for a year of increased participation, inclusivity and TeamUWE spirit.