Candidate for the position of Vice President Community and Welfare

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Siân Hampson


I am running for a second term as your VP Community and Welfare. My main focuses will be:

Mental Health

It’s essential that UWE provides the mental health support that its students have a right to expect. To achieve this, my policies are to:

  • finish the job I started and get the now-approved Nightline Service set up, making sure students receive the support they need 24/7.
  • secure increased funding for the Wellbeing budget, after this year defending it from a £20,000 diversion-of-funds
  • lobby for mental health awareness training for all Academic Personal Tutors


After conducting research into UWE-owned halls this year, I know what students’ main concerns are and, as a result, pledge to:  

  • lobby UWE to refurbish their older houses, and to provide accommodation bursaries – with specific support for nursing students.
  • continue to work with ACORN and Bristol Cut the Rent to tackle high rent prices and to ensure a decent quality of student housing in Bristol.


We have an array of national, faith and identity societies who put on amazing events each year. But great events cost money, and limited budgets remain an obstacle. In response, I will:

  • work with UWE to secure extra funding for NFI society events
  • continue to push for more inclusive events throughout the year
  • lobby for better prayer space provision on all campuses, ensuring our diverse student body is catered for.

Sexual Health

After running a successful Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance week, it's even more apparent from feedback received that we need better sexual health provisions on campus. Accordingly, I will:

  • work to ensure UWE treats sexual health as a higher priority
  • lobby for a drop-in sexual health clinic on-campus.

Course Costs

In addition to academic and social pressures, rising fees cause many students stress. Therefore, I will continue to work on getting UWE to reduce the academic costs to students where I can. This year, we got UWE to cut £20 from the price of each graduation guest ticket, and there is more that we can do. Specifically, I will look at getting UWE to:

  • put more core textbooks online
  • provide more printing credit
  • cover the cost of degree shows – at present, Arts students often pay for these themselves.

Finally, I will continue to work to defend Disabled Students’ Allowances from cuts, and make sure that our disabled students are fully supported by UWE.