Candidate for the position of Vice President Education




As your Vice President Education this year, I have already helped to create positive changes. From reducing the price of graduation tickets, to the University agreeing to install 200 extra computers, and the smaller wins too. 

I'm standing for a second year to continue making these improvements. 

Course Costs and Resources 

  • I will continue with work I've started this year to ensure that quality resources are available, and that students can complete their degree on merit, not the ability to pay.
  • Current printing credit allowances don't cover project work costs for many courses - this needs to be reviewed. 
  • Students studying at City Campus have to fundraise around £10,000 for their degree shows - UWE should be heavily subsidising these kind of events. 

Education Extras

  • With the rise in student mental health problems, it's crucial that key staff (such as APTs and programme leaders) are trained adequately in this area. 
  • Sports are an active part of University life for many, sometimes with extra commitments such as away games. It's important that UWE recognises the value of sports, and offer a "free pass" for those who need to travel for away games. 
  • With UWE currently looking into the shape of the academic year, it's important to consider what students want from this, whether it be a reading week or extra opportunities.


  • I want there to be more on offer for Student Reps throughout the year. This could range from training sessions, conferences, or more social events.
  • I will ensure that tackling the BME attainment gap remains a priority for the University. From liberating the curriculum, to diverse learning environments, it is important that everyone has the ability to achieve. 
  • Postgraduate and International Students can often feel left out. By working with both relevant elected Officers, we can ensure both UWE and The Students' Union are supporting and representing in a meaningful way.

Student Voice

  • With B Block becoming vacant on Frenchay Campus, there will be reallocation and redevelopments. Whether it's more study space, prayer room provision, or areas to relax - students should have a say.
  • I want to continue and build on the work this year where students have been involved in the University's recruitment processes of academic staff. 
  • I will work with Campus Officers to ensure UWE and The Students' Union are offering what their campuses need.