Candidate for the position of Vice President Sports and Health



Vote for More, Vote for Marsella!

Hey! I’m Jade and I am running for this year’s VP Sports and Health as I am passionate about the sports clubs and opportunities these give to students here at UWE!


I’m a third year Business Team Entrepreneurship student and the President of UWE Dance.

I am heavily involved with the dance club and have been for the past three years. I was the captain of the advanced street dance team in my second year and now I am president this year, winning numerous awards with the club. I have loved the competitive, social and inclusive spirit of being able to be part of a club at UWE and understand what it takes to run a successful one!

This year I took the opportunity to work within the Students’ Union where I am able to support the numerous sports and societies. This has allowed me to fully understand the impact they have on enhancing student’s university experience. I have had great insight into how the SU, BUCS, Sporting Wednesdays and how all the sports clubs currently run and I believe I have the ability and drive to improve these further!


My Key Actions Will Be:

  1. Bring back ‘One Week Varsity’ as it is the biggest highlight of our sporting calendars! I want EVERY club involved, more matches, a bigger varsity day, and an even better atmosphere with a large onsite event, including sports, music and spectators! I believe students should have more involvement in how this day is run and we should be able to celebrate all that is TEAMUWE!
  2. Run a Sport’s Refreshers in January! As I believe that sports are for all. I want to give everyone more chances to get involved even after joining in September. This would bring more members to clubs, more talent and allow everyone to take part either competitively or socially throughout the whole year!
  3. FREE Mental Well-Being Training for Sport’s Team! As it is proven that getting involved in sports has a massive benefit to mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Financial Transparency for all clubs! I understand the importance of being able to access up-to-date financial club accounts and want to look at completely changing the current processes to make them more accessible and transparent for you 24/7.


Vote for Jade Marsella for your VP Sports and Health for an incredible year of Sports, Competition, Inclusivity and Determination!