Candidate for the position of President



LEADERS Do Not Create Followers, They Create MORE LEADERS and INSPIRE the GREATNESS in OTHERS!!!..


My name is Giang and currently studying Master of International-Management. I am here standing to be YOUR next Students’ Union President.

As a Chancellor-Scholarship-Student, Student-Representative, Student-Ambassador, Postgraduate-Officer, and Business & Management-Department-Representative, I promise to apply my diligence to contribute to Your Academic Experiences. Elect me and I can assure you that I will be YOUR-Dedicated-President!!!

I strongly believe that students are all given Opportunities to express their Voices and to be encouraged to take an Active part in achieving the aims of UWE-2020-strategy. Therefore, it is an honor for me to represent + 27,000 UWE students to improve students’ experience. These below are priorities and values I’ll bring to UWE Students and UWE Brand Image:


1.   Business-Competitions

Aim to accelerate the active learning while developing a pool of young talent, my TEAM and I are organizing a National-Business-Competition that brings UK Corporate-Executives, Academics and Top-Students from the UK’s Leading Universities including UWE to compete against each other in business field to earn the National-Championship.

In hope to increase UWE’s Global Recognition, I aim to expand it into European and International Business Competitions where UWE-students have opportunities to compete with International students from European universities and all-over-the-world.

2.   Private-Tutor-Platform provided by UWE-students for UWE-students 

The platform will provide one-to-one or group-tutoring to students who are struggling with their class lectures, assignments and exams by the Face-to-face Assistance from UWE’s students with high academic achievements. Both UWE learners and private-tutors will gain benefits of achieving the knowledge and earning extra-income.


To assist UWE-students in affording education and achieving higher academic-and-social-performances, I submitted a proposal to UWE Funding and am still seeking for Financial Sponsorship from companies/organizations to build an UWE After-Enrolment-Scholarship-Scheme.


I’ll work with Students’ Union and Leaders of International Students’ Communities to organize a Multicultural-Week throughout campuses; where a diverse range of culture-related-activities/events will foster the connection among Communities and spread the Values of Cultural Diversity to international and home-students.


UWE-Students will be provided with more diverse options of cultural food; and more choices of religious or medical-condition-related preferences such as gluten-free food.

"My Courage to Translate Ambitious Visions into Reality comes from my Gratitude, Passion of Dedication towards UWE’s Achievements. Therefore, I am committed to working tirelessly, dedicating all my heart and my capability to Empower Students and Deliver Great Experiences for all UWE-Students’ Academic Lives"....