Candidate for the position of Democratic Procedures Officer



I don't run much, but when I do, I run to be UWE'S DPCM.

Running to be one of UWE's Democratic Procedures Members, I believe that working in harmony with our beloved Student Union - one of which we've all shared great memories in - will allow for students of all backgrounds and values to collectively express themselves in how we want our SU to be. By deploying a diverse range of events and activities, my aim for all of us is (instead of reminiscing of SUesday nights as we walk by), to feel that the SU is somewhere your voice will feel valued. We all will have our perceptions of how the SU could be improved, but, with no appropriate leader, all of our valuable suggestions and beliefs will be fruitless. So, by voting for me you will not only be ensuring your voice is heard (I'd love to bring back £1 VK's as much as you, but things such of that may be a little difficult), but you'll also be voting for someone who genuinely has your best interests as their ultimate goal. The other manifesto's you're going to encounter may be written as pretty and sweet as can be, but they mean nothing if they don't encourage you to make a change and express yourself. Be smart, be right, and vote for Mia.