Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer



A Greener Future For Every Student

Hello! My name is Ciaran. I’m a second year Biological Sciences student, and you should vote for me to be your next Sustainability Officer.


Born in London but raised in rural Hereford, growing up I always felt a kinship to the countryside around me. Living in Bristol now I find the adaptive dynamic of the natural world coexisting within the cityscape fascinating. I have undertaken several community projects focused on sustainability and permaculture to follow this interest, including food waste events here in Bristol and a community sustainable green space project that we have brought to Glastonbury Festival and Green Gathering for the past three years - in each project my planning and thinking has been heavily influenced by skills learnt whilst working towards my Permaculture Design Certificate. My experience, genuine passion and excitement surrounding green issues mean that I would be an excellent Sustainability Officer.

My vision for UWE is to engage every student to think about green activity and their impact on the world, sowing the seeds for them to play their part in a sustainable global society. Unbeknown to many, UWE is an international award-winning university when it comes to green issues. I hope to build upon these accomplishments as your Sustainability Officer by:


  • Installing a dedicated green noticeboard on campus that details the latest sustainable achievements and opportunities for students, with posters up on all campuses for major opportunities. There are already many chances for students to help with green activities such as community gardening, managing woodland in the Greenspace scheme, & grants for sustainable enterprise - but the details are hidden away on Facebook groups and parts of the UWE website, I will change this with a comprehensive calendar on the green notice board that is accessible to all students.
  • Continuing to pressure the university to reduce the usage of single-use plastics and other non-recyclable items wherever possible.
  • Increasing awareness of and reducing food waste.
  • Listening to and putting forward your thoughts and ideas on how to approach green issues as a community. As your Sustainability Officer I can encourage movement towards a greener future for every student.