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Hey I'm Ayrden and I'm standing to be your Vice-President of Education.

I've spent my first two years at UWE representing my subject as a Course Rep and the Department for Arts and Cultural Industries as a Lead Department Rep. I've also represented all of you here at UWE as one of your Student Council members and as an NUS Delegate at National Conference. It's been an honour to hold these positions and have the opportunity to get a better deal for everyone at UWE. It’s not easy to get everything you want when you're doing these kinds of jobs and that often, when others have run for them, promises have been made that can't be delivered. I can't promise that I'm going to lower tuition fees or get free laptops for every student, but I will guarantee to focus on achievable domestic educational priorities that affect us all, like a commitment from the University not to raise fees above £9,000 and that Laptops loaned from the Library work with Halls Wi-Fi

Here's a few of the things that I'm going to do: 

Library Reorganisation – I'm working with Library on their current reorganisation and have produced a report which was based on your feedback. It's helped to stop their long-term goal of a paperless library. There's still more to do, the Library's a place for books to be stored, let's keep it that way

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure – The application process for EC to extend coursework deadlines due to illness or personal crisis, is an unnecessarily over complicated task, the opposite of what it should be considering those who are using it. Let's have an EC process that's simple to use and doesn't penalise those in traumatic circumstances

Resource Budgets – University's a massive investment and you'd hope that there's not a lot more to pay on top. Arts resource budgets need to be increased to reflect the work those students are required to produce and Geography students shouldn’t be provided with leaky boots on field trips. All subjects need to be funded properly and I will push the University to do this

International College – International students pay more than any of us to study at UWE. I will lobby the University to provide a plan for the replacement of the current International College with a permanent structure which reflects the commitment they make in coming to UWE to study. 


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