Candidate for the position of Vice President Community and Welfare



Same Girl - ONE AIM - YOU

With a diverse community like ours, we have the power to be that change we want within our university; what joins us together exceeds what separates us and a good example is student welfare. I am Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor, a third-year student in Business Management with Economics and I will like to be your next VP Community and Welfare. I am currently on a placement in the HR department at UWE and I have gained relevant experience, knowledge and valuable skills which provide me with the qualities and the right attitude to represent YOU.


Reduction in Food/Snacks prices

I plan to:

  • Work closely with the University and the Students’ union to find ways to reduce food/snack prices on all Campuses to fairly help resolve student financial issues.
  • Introduce a loyalty scheme using student cards in order to help students receive future discounts.

Mental Health

I intend to:

  • Work closely with the Students HUB Radio and Wellbeing service to introduce a program where present or past students can share experiences of how they overcame difficult times at university and also include anonymous call-in sessions.
  • Ensure that Personal Tutors and other Academics are offered training sessions on how best to support and encourage students within and outside the lecture room – this will help alleviate issues surrounding exam pressure, stress and depression.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the wellbeing services and seek ways to improve them.


  • With the rise in student recruitment at UWE, I will work towards the availability of additional Lounge areas.
  • I will work towards additional support for students without accommodation at the start of the year to help them settle quickly.

Building your Brand/Business

I aim at:

  • Reducing the strictness surrounding the advertisement of student events and business on campuses.
  • Creating a talent show where students get to exhibit and promote their brand.

Student matters

I plan to:

  • Work closely with the University to figure out how timetables can be arranged to encourage participation in extra-curricular activities and allow International students arrange holidays and beat high costs.

As aforementioned, we have a real chance to make a change and what matters is your VOICE. I want to represent all students – creating an inclusive community that dares to be different and unique. One which promotes unity and empowers its students to reach their full potential.

VOTE Augusta for VP Community and Welfare – YOUR NO. 1 CHOICE