Candidate for the position of Gloucester Campus Officer


I have always been passionate about education, self-improvement and the encouragement of advancement in others. I believe that given the chance to undertake the Gloucester Campus Officer role, I could assist the faculty members, the staff, the Adult Nursing Society and the wider body of students to enhance the student experience on the Gloucester Campus. To be at the forefront of providing those opportunities for the benefit of others would be exceptionally rewarding.

I do believe that I have already shown a real willingness to be innovative and proactive. I am a Student Ambassador and attend as many events as I can, plus I am the Vice President of the Adult Nursing Society and have arranged many trips and talks for our members. We have a very full programme this year for the students based at Gloucester, but it would be fantastic to offer more.

I worked for many years in domiciliary care and rose to become the assistant manager.  I can communicate effectively, work as part of a team, manage time effectively and generally act in a conciliatory role which is often of benefit.

As a mature student, I believe that I have life skills, previous education, university and employment experiences to bring considerable benefits to the role.

I would be honoured to be considered for the role and to enhance the opportunities on the Gloucester campus for my time there but also for the students of the future.