AS The Jan 2021 Referendum did not reach the required number of votes we will be running the vote in the leadership race election in march

Notice of Referendum

The Board of Trustees of The Students' Union commissioned an external governance review, as part of that review as well as feedback from our lawyers and some internal recommendations changes were submitted to the Board who have agreed the changes.

The changes were to our Constitution which is made up of three parts

1) Articles of Association

2) Bye Laws

3) Policy book

The Articles and Bye Laws are the documents that are being changed, the Policy book is not part of the referendum and can be changed through the Student Ideas process.


Voting for the Referendum will be held

10:00 Monday 1 Mar - 22:00 Thursday 4 Mar

Results will be announced on Friday 5 Mar


Below are the constitution changes documents

Overview document explains reasons for the changes and what they are in broad terms.

Articles of Association as they would be If the referendum is successful.

Bye Laws as they would be if the referendum is successful.

Articles of Association, current ones with comments of all the changes.

Bye Laws, current ones with comments of all the changes.