Candidate Resources

Decided to stand? We'll help you every step of the way

The best way to get advice and support is to come in and see us, or arrange a phone call. We have highly skilled staff members who have seen and run elections many times, so it is always worth a conversation with them. You can also talk to the current Presidents and Officers about their experiences and gain advice on running a successful campaign. We’ve also put together some guides to help you understand the election, and run a winning campaign.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a catch-up or a phonecall.


Do's and Don't for candidates


Candidate Briefing Mandatory for all candidates
19 October 17:00 Frenchay Students' Union Building - Upper Engagement Area

Results Night  Optional
The results are being releaved at 1800 on Friday 27 October
In Person Frenchay Engagement Area
Live Stream view the live stream
Afterwards The results will be available on The Students' Union website as soon as possible after the results night event