How to make a difference: Vote

How to make a difference: Vote

Wed 14 October 2020 15:00-16:00

Online - MS Teams

Find out more about how you can make a difference to your time here at UWE Bristol. The Representation team will be on hand to talk to you about voting and signpost you to the current election.

The Leadership Race 2020/21 By-Elections and NUS Delegates

Nominations close 12:00 Noon Friday 2 October

Voting opens 10:00 Monday 12 October

Voting closes 22:00 Thursday 15 October

Results announced 15:00 Friday 16 October


Part Time Officer Positions available;

Glenside Officer (must study at Glenside Campus)

Gloucester Officer (must study at Gloucester campus)

LGBT+ Officer (must self identify: LGBT+)

Men's Welfare Officer (must self identify: Man)

Postgraduate Officer (must be studying on a postgraduate course)

Sustainability Officer

Trans Welfare Officer (must self identify: Trans)

Women's Welfare Officer (must self identify: Woman)

Democratic Procedures Officer


NUS Delegate Positions available;

National Conference Delegate x7 (minimum 3 must self identify: Woman)

Liberation Conference Delegate x4 reserved places

(must self identify: 1x BME student, 1x LGBT+ student, 1x Trans student, 1x Woman student)
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