South West Showdown Semi Final

South West Showdown Semi Final

Wed 04 November 2020 13:00-23:00

Online via Kahoot

Exeter, Bristol, Bath and UWE, which uni will come out on top?

These four South West unis are going head to head to decide who's the best in the west!

The Semi Final will take place on Kahoot and the three top teams will go head-to-head against the other winning teams from the other unis on 18 Nov and compete for some fantastic prizes and ultimate bragging rights!


How it works:

- Head to and enter the game pin: 05488414

- Alternatively just head to

- Grab your team and complete the quiz before 23:00 on Wed 4 Nov

- The three top teams will go head to head against the other South West universities for a chance to snag the top prize!
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