Sustainable Period Product workshop

Sustainable Period Product workshop

Wed 10 February 2021 17:00-17:45


What are we doing?

This informal workshop will be a group of UWE students chatting about the range of period products out there and their experiences with them. The group will include, Vanique, your Sustainability Officer; Esther, your Women’s Welfare Officer; Sasha, your BME officer; as well as members of the student-led Sustainable Committee 


Wednesday 10th February, 17:00 - 17:45 



For who?

Everyone, whether you have periods or not, this workshop is for anyone who’s curious about all the period product options out there. Everybody is welcome. The session will be a friendly and chilled, non-intimidating space. You can sit back without your camera on and just listen, or anonymously ask any questions you’d like.  

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We have also created this short resource list, with useful links and info for you to find out more.
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