Green Gathering

Green Gathering

Thu 18 February 2021 18:00-19:00

Join us on Zoom for a virtual Green Gathering! This will be a chance to meet other students in a relaxed and friendly virtual space. Everyone is welcome, whether you have a big interest in sustainability, or just want to meet others!

Bring a drink of your choice and snack! You can claim up to £3 for a drink and snack to enjoy during the event.

To claim this you must complete this form by 13:00 on 22/02/21. Instructions for completing the form:

  • You must have a photo of the VAT receipt for what you buy.
  • You should email the form and attach a photo of your receipt to 
  • The lilac coloured cells are to be complete by you. 
  • If you do not have a VAT (tax) receipt or complete the form after the stated time and date you will not be able to claim. 

If you have any questions please email

Zoom link to join here. 
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