Sustainable Fashion Week Swap Shop

Sustainable Fashion Week Swap Shop

Thu 16 September 2021 18:00-21:00

The NUW App

As part of Sustainable Fashion Week we are partnering with the NUW app for a sustainable fashion clothes swap.

Fast fashion has a detrimental effect on the planet and a growing number of consumers are increasilty aware of this and are trying to change their shopping habits in order to be more sustianble. The NUW app was created to allow users to swap items of clothing without price negotiations.

Each item uploaded to NUW is given a token depending on the value and quality of the item, it will be graded as either silver or gold. Members can then exchange their token for an item of the same value (a silver token can be traded for a silver-tiered item, etc.). Each swap includes a 99p transaction fee. Once paid and the swap accepted, a chat will open up in the message centre between both members to discuss and organise collection/drop off of the item!

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