University Challenge Trials Session 1

University Challenge Trials Session 1

Mon 08 November 2021 17:30-19:30

Meeting Room 1, Union 1, U Block

University Challenge is a TV quiz show that pits teams from various universities across the country against each other.

Question topics from last year ranged from specialist academic subject knowledge such as geography, sociology, or maths all the way to popular culture, sports and video games.

We currently have three trials scheduled, so if you are interested in being on the UWE Bristol University Challenge Team, let us know which one you would like to attend, they are on:

  • Monday 8 November at 17:30
  • Wednesday 10 November at 14:00
  • Thursday 11 November at 14:00

They will all take place in Meeting Room 1, Union 1, U-block. Make sure that you bring along pen/paper and if you can, a smart phone or device as we may be using a quizing app. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact -
 - For the facts.