HallsLife Varsity Hats

HallsLife Varsity Hats

Thu 16 Mar 2017 - Sat 29 Apr 2017

Do you want a free HallsLife hat to wear to Varsity events & show your support for #TeamUWE? All you need to do is hashtag ‘#UWEHallsLife’ & your halls (e.g. #BreconCourt) & we’ll give you a hat for FREE!

Where can I get my hat from?

Come to the Students’ Union & collect it, or tweet us with your halls flat number & we’ll deliver it right to your door.

But what if I don’t use social media?

No worries, all you need to do is come to the Students’ Union & show us your Varsity ticket, or come find the HallsLife team outside OneZone on the 27th and 28th, buy your ticket and pick up your hat.

Don’t forget, your attendance to all Varsity events and collection of hats goes towards the Halls league table, as well as all of your hashtags. So get cheering on #TeamUWE while helping your halls at the same time, who said it’s the taking part that counts?






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