Why is My Curriculum White Campaign Launch

Why is My Curriculum White Campaign Launch

Mon 30 October 2017 18:00-20:00

They say knowledge is the key to power, but who gets to write history and shape our present, our beliefs and ideologies that construct our world? 

Join us as we discuss the importance of having a diverse and reflective curriculum. We will explore the ways in which our knowledges and understandings get whitewashed and how this disempowers us all.

This is a chance for students to come together to imagine and demand a curriculum that embeds race equality into the curriculum. 

NUS Black Students Survey found that:

“42 per cent did not believe their curriculum reflected issues of diversity, equality and discrimination."

“34 per cent stated they felt unable to bring their perspective as a Black [BME] student to lectures and tutor meetings. A running theme through both the survey and focus group data was a frustration that courses were designed and taught by non-Black teachers, and often did not take into account diverse backgrounds and views”

"“institutions must strive to minimise Euro-centric bias in curriculum design, content and delivery and to establish mechanisms to ensure this happens. Universities Scotland has published an excellent example of why and how this can be done in their race equality toolkit, Embedding Race Equality into the Curriculum“

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