Debate: Should we ban single-use plastic?

Debate: Should we ban single-use plastic?

Mon 16 April 2018 17:30-19:30

Meeting Room 1, The Students’ Union at Frenchay

As part of the #PlasticDetox Campaign, the Green Team are hosting a debate on whether we should ban single-use plastics

What do you think? Should we ban single-use plastic? Join us for a stimulating debate on this topical issue and have your say!

Each year 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of it is single-use, meaning it is only used once before being thrown away. More than eight million tonnes of plastic enters the world's seas each year, with most of that coming from land. But the majority of man-made plastics are not bio-degradable, meaning they will not rot. For sea birds and larger marine creatures, the danger comes from being entangled in plastic bags and other debris, or mistaking plastic for food. Larger pieces of plastic can also damage the digestive systems of animals and can be potentially fatal.

The BBC has recently announced plans to ban all single-use plastics by 2020 after TV series Blue Planet 2 highlighted the scale of sea pollution. Whilst Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042. And many other organisations are making plans to reduce their single-use plastic, but is it realistic?

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