My Fro and Me- Natural Hair Showcase

My Fro and Me- Natural Hair Showcase

Sat 20 October 2018 17:00-20:30

Hamilton House

The natural hair movement is vastly growing and we are here to support this movement and to create more awareness about it, especially in the Bristol community. Despite Bristol being rich with diverse cultures, people are still having difficulty accepting natural hair. Therefore, empowering people of colour and educating the world is our main goal which is why we are bringing this event to you.

“My Fro and Me” is a Natural Hair Event where positive voices will be echoed as we look to embrace our natural hair for what it truly is - curls, kinks, locs and all!

The theme of this event is “timeline” as we will be having a look back at the past and discussing current and potential future views on Natural Hair.


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