Film Showing: North of the Sun

Film Showing: North of the Sun

Wed 10 October 2018 18:05-19:00

2D07 (former Scene-it cinema)

Winner of multiple awards this is a great movie whether you surf or not - perfect for early evening viewing at 45 minutes long.

'North of the Sun' is the story of two Norwegians who decide to spent the winter in a bay north of the arctic circle. They build their home from wood, plastic and other flotsam and live, surf and snowboard for 9 months.

It is not the usual summer surf video, it is also about caring for our planet.

As you watch the film, you feel the spirit and the freedom the two surfers have. Exactly what makes surfing so exciting.

Join us for an optional Q and A afterwards to find out more about what UWE Bristol and The Students' Union at UWE are doing in their #plastic detox campaign.

Cost: free
Contact: Vicki Harris
Telephone: +44 (0)7985982294

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