PT Mondays

PT Mondays

Mon 30 November 2020 11:00-11:30

HallsLife Facebook Page

HallsLife presents livestreamed PT sessions with our amazing Personal Trainer Amanda!


How it works:

- Head to @uwehallslife on Facebook

- Let Amanda lead you through an energising workout from the comfort of your own home!

Can't join? Don't worry! The video will be released on our Facebook page after the session is over


PT sessions will take place every Monday and Thursday on the Student Village HallsLife Facebook page, with videos released on all the groups and our Facebook page after the session!


IMPORTANT: By taking part in the session you confirm that you take full responsibility for your safety. It is the responsibility of you the participant to ensure:

• there is sufficient space to perform the exercises safely and move freely without obstacles or obstructions, free from furniture, equipment and other hazards – a minimum of four square metres per person

• any equipment is safe and in a suitable condition for the activity being performed and that you are fit, healthy, and able to take part in the exercise

• the surrounding floor space is entirely clear to remove any hazards that may increase the risk of slips,trips or falls

• there are no distractions throughout the duration of the session

• there is sufficient heating, lighting, ventilation and hydration.
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