Varsity 2013 - Boat Race

Varsity 2013 - Boat Race

Sat 27 April 2013 12:30-16:30

Bristol Harbourside



Varsity Boat races: 

Novice Men’s 1st 8 - Blade Race 1: UWE Win
Novice Women’s 1st 8 - Blade Race 2: Bristol Win
Novice Men’s 2nd 8 - Blade Race 3: UWE Win
Senior Women’s 8 - Blade Race 8: Bristol Win
Senior Men’s 1st 8 - Blade Race 9: UWE Win

Additional races: 

Novice Women’s 2nd 8 - Race 4: UWE Win
Alumni Men’s 8 - Race 5: Bristol Win
Alumni Women’s 8 - Race 6: UWE Win
Senior Men’s 2nd 8 - Race 7: Bristol Win

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Boat Race Schedule


Race 1: The Eleanor Rose Ellis Novice

Men's 1st 8+ Trophy

[Blade Race 1]

Sponsored by Orbital


Race 2: Novice Women's 1st 8+

[Blade Race 2]


Race 3: Novice Men's 2nd 8+

[Blade Race 3]


Race 4: Novice Women's 2nd 8+


Race 5:  Alumni Men's 1st 8+


Race 6: Alumni Women's 1st 8+



Race 7: Senior Men's 2nd 8+

Sponsored by AgustaWestland


Race 8: Senior Women's 1st 8+

[Blade Race 4]

Sponsored by Sperry Top-Sider


Race 9: Senior Men's 1st 8+

[Blade Race 5]

Sponsored by Land Rover Experience


Atlantic Rowing Boat Naming Ceremony and Presentations



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The Varsity Challenge Cup

This year both UWE and Bristol University will be competing for the Varsity Challenge Cup.

Coaching and coxing in the 1950s, at Bristol Ariel Rowing Club, now the home of the University of West of England rowing, was challenging. There was still bomb damage and the old tea rooms were largely abandoned. For Kit Hartley, working at Filton in aerospace, after learning to fly on National Service and before that St Edwards, Oxford, rowing provided a welcome familiarity.

Thirty years later, Chris Hartley, his son, rowed and captained the University of Bristol Boat Club, won the first 'Bristol Red for Rowing and founded the UBBC Alumni. Together, they also organised and funded the 1984 USA tour of a combination VIII drawn from both UWE & Bristol . Beating Varsity crews from Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, Georgetown and drawing with Harvard this crew also won outright the Head of the Potomac, Washington.

The magnificent new Varsity Challenge Cup marks thirty years and two generations of service to Bristol rowing and is a gift from the Hartley family. The silver base was presented by the combined University USA touring crew.  This cup was presented to both Universities in the autumn 2012 in preparation for presentation on 27 April 2013.

The winning Varsity Captain's name will be engraved on the silver base - may the best crew win! - For the facts.