How to make a difference: Democracy

How to make a difference: Democracy

Tue 29 September 2020 15:00-16:00

Online - MS Teams

Find out more about how you can make a difference during your time here at UWE Bristol. The Students' Union Democracy Team will be on hand to talk to you about standing for a Part Time Officer Role or NUS Conference Delegate and what to expect.


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The Leadership Race 2020/21 By-Elections and NUS Delegates

Nominations close 12:00 Noon Friday 2 October

Voting opens 10:00 Monday 12 October

Voting closes 22:00 Thursday 15 October

Results announced 15:00 Friday 16 October


Part Time Officer Positions available;

Glenside Officer (must study at Glenside Campus)

Gloucester Officer (must study at Gloucester campus)

LGBT+ Officer (must self identify: LGBT+)

Men's Welfare Officer (must self identify: Man)

Postgraduate Officer (must be studying on a postgraduate course)

Sustainability Officer

Trans Welfare Officer (must self identify: Trans)

Women's Welfare Officer (must self identify: Woman)

Democratic Procedures Officer


NUS Delegate Positions available;

National Conference Delegate x7 (minimum 3 must self identify: Woman)

Liberation Conference Delegate x4 reserved places

(must self identify: 1x BME student, 1x LGBT+ student, 1x Trans student, 1x Woman student) - For the facts.