Malaysian Students Association




With around 300 members (and increasing!), UWEMSA is one of the largest and most active cultural societies in UWE, Bristol. We aim to cater to the community of Malaysian students studying in UWE, by organising activities that will strengthen the bond and national pride among the members. As the saying goes, 'hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri', we seek to provide a little piece of Malaysia, 14000km away from motherland, for our members during their duration of studies in UWE, Bristol.

One of the thing that makes Malaysian culture unique is our 'rojak-ness'. We are a mixture of various cultures and ethnicities, which makes us stands out from our South East Asian counterparts. It is a part of the UWEMSA mission to assert cultural appreciation and exchange within the university and beyond. Thus, you don't have to have a Malaysian passport to be a part of UWEMSA. Coincidentally, rojak is a type of food, and Malaysians are known for our passions for food. So, come and join us in a Lepak session to know more about what Malaysia and Malaysians have to offer. 

Please check our official Facebook page for the bulk of our updates. We are also on Twitter and Instagram!


Main Events:

  • Lepak Sessions

Lepak” is a Malay word that generally means “to hang out”. It is such an integral part of Malaysian culture that Oxford Dictionary decided to integrate the word into the English language. UWEMSA is doing our part of expanding the cultural experience by organising monthly sessions within the Bristol city. The open-for-all sessions involve activities that foster relationships and cultivate language exchanges between the communities, such as game nights, potluck dinners and group trips to local attractions.

  • Jom Jalan!

It is nonsensical to study 14000km away from home without fully experiencing what this beautiful continent has to offer. “Jalan” is a Malay word for “walk” and “Jom Jalan!” means “let’s go!”. To further extend the overseas living experience, UWEMSA arranges group trips outside of Bristol especially for our members. These trips are usually organised for during bank holidays or student vacations as to not disturb our main priority – studying.

  • UWE Bristol Malaysian Games

For the past few years, UWEMSA has organised UWE Games as a part of our tradition whereby Malaysians from different universities take part in a variety of sport games. Plus, we also have Makan Fest in conjunction with this event

  • UWEMSA Malaysian Ball

This will be our closing event of the term year, where members would dress to their nine and celebrate their achievements. The night will also showcase the best talents UWE has to offer.