Do It Yourself! - 5 things anyone could make or repair

DIY doesn’t require a proper workshop or an expensive toolbox. You don’t need any particular talent to make your own decorations and art. Check out these 5 things you can make now that don’t require much training or a huge budget. All you need is a spare afternoon and a couple of quids. Challenge the status quo of mass consumption and make something you will be proud of!

1. Cooking

Cooking is one of those “adult” skills everyone should learn while at uni. Onezone lunches might cost you £5 a day, this can easily amount to £500-800 per academic year!  Therefore, invest in tupperware and learn a few recipes which will make you look forward to lunchtime… We recommend good old lentil soup to get you through the winter! You can find the recipe here

2. Grow your own

Suppose you already know how to cook, could we convince you to grow your own food? Do not worry, there are plants you can start growing now – no need to wait till spring or until you live in a house with a sunny garden. Growing your own herbs and salads requires a level of care and patience; you don’t need much expertise, but we can guarantee you will appreciate the work which goes into agriculture (which is a good argument for wasting less food!). Once you taste your own salad, you will not want to go back to the supermarket one! Check out these simple instructions here

3. Maintaining your bike

Hopefully, we don’t need to convince you about the benefits of cycling. It gives you freedom, it’s faster than Bristol buses (true story, First Bus!), it keeps you fit, and it’s good for the planet. It can get even more sustainable if you decide to maintain your bike yourself. We must admit, some repairs require ridiculous amount of tools, but there is a fair amount of jobs you could do using a standard allen key tool (costs only £5, available in all bike shops and bigger stores like Wilko!) and with a little guidance from Youtube (we recommend Global Cycling Network channel) you can master easy jobs like changing brake pads, chain cleaning and lubrication.

4. Fixing holes or sewing buttons

The abundance and availability of clothes makes it more convenient to buy a new item rather than repair it. Meanwhile, fashion industry is notorious for high carbon footprint and poor working conditions . While it might take a lot of commitment to make your own wardrobe from scratch (however- it’s doable! Check out Lydia’s blog), nothing stops you from easy repairs, like fixing holes or sewing buttons. Again, all you need is a few items from a convenience store and an online tutorial

5. Build a terrarium!

Everyone knows how easy it is to personalise your bedroom simply by using some blue tack and a couple of posters from the Freshers’ Fair. Why don’t you go a step further and craft own room decorations from scratch? You could, for example, introduce some life to your room (we don’t mean mould!) and build a terrarium!

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