Frenchay Campus Sustainability Festival a Roaring Success!

The perfect finale to the Global Climate Strike Week – a festival celebrating all things green at The SU, UWE and the wider Bristol community!

Green Fest saw a HUGE range of stalls and activities, including our very own Green Team and UWE Sustainability, as well as local campaign groups Extinction Rebellion, Vegan Network, People and Planet (and more)! Students also used their leg power to create smoothies on our smoothie bike, before finishing off with a vegan hotdog and cake! Yum!

We also teamed up with Vintage Vera to run a kilo-clothing sale! Did you know that the need to deliver short fashion cycles depletes our environmental resources? It takes roughly 2,700 litres of water to make ONE new cotton shirt, to put that into perspective – that’s the average person’s drinking needs for 2 and half years – ouch! This demand also supports large companies to put profits ahead of the welfare of its workers. Luckily, we were able to encourage students to buy second hand clothing at Green Fest, and help them fight fast fashion!

UWE Feel Good also took YOUR suggestions about what you’d like to see UWE do by 2030 – here are some of our favourites: 

By 2030, Uwe should…

  • Go plastic free
  • Install solar on all viable roofs and generate all own energy
  • Produce sustainability conscious and environmentally aware students

We also took your pledges! These are some of our favourites:

I pledge to…

  • Swap for at least one vegan meal per week
  • Use my bike to get to uni more
  • Buy only eco-gadgets in future

Our UWE Energy team brought our favourite carbon game along – How Bad are Bananas? Pssst - did you know that flying to Madrid is less carbon intensive than a year’s supply of cheese? Wow! #themoreyouknow

Our The New Period campaign was also at Green Fest sharing information about how to tackle period poverty and make menstruation more sustainable. Here’s our top tips:

  • Buy a subsidized menstrual cup from the SU shop, they’re currently £9.99 (instead of £25) and last between 8-12 years! Or opt for reusable pads!
  • If you’re going to use pads/tampons – organic cotton are much better for your body! We love NatraCare products, now also sold in our SU shop!
  • Don’t flush your pads or tampons don’t the toilet, conventional brands contain plastic and petrochemicals - which are much better kept out of the ocean!

BYOB… What does that mean? Bring Your Own Bowl of course! Green Festies also learnt about how to fight food waste!! Did you know that the average university student throws out £9 of food per week? Come along to our BYOB event on 8 October for a FREE dinner made from perfectly safe (and most importantly - delicious) surplus supermarket food!

The guys from Extinction Rebellion also came to talk to students about how to get involved in the peaceful act of civil disobedience taking place in London next week (also big Green Week!). They’re making three demands of our government:

  • Tell the truth – declare a climate emergency
  • Act Now – reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025
  • Beyond Politics – create a climate and ecological justice citizens assembly

Get involved here!

Our lovely Grounds Team also made a special appearance to recruit you to our Community garden gang! Sessions take place once a month on a Wednesday afternoon (12-3pm), and attendees get to learn all about how to grow their own food! Last year we also hosted ‘special edition’ sessions, including making a Bee Hotel with Buglife! Needless to say we’re buzzing for this next year (pun 110% intended)! If you want to help lead these amazing sessions, why not become a garden guide? 

Sign up here!

And finally, People and Planet chatting to you all about their Sweatshop Free and Divest Barclays Campaigns. These are aiming to come together to both win rights for sweatshop workers, with a focus on the electronics industry, and encourage UWE to divest from Barclays bank – a key investor in the fossil fuel industry!

Find out more and get involved at our workshops (run by People and Planet):

Sweatshop Free – 17:30-19:30 on 7th October, Frenchay Campus

Divest Barclays – 12:00-14:00 on 30th October, Frenchay Campus

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and helped make our event happen! Stay tuned for more Green Team Events HERE!

Peas and love x