Meet Our New Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is a new opportunity for students who are passionate about sustainability to innovate and have the power to create positive change throughout UWE and beyond. Its purpose is to support sustainability engagement with UWE students using methods such as green events, volunteering, and campaigning. The committee will also develop sustainablility at The Students’ Union at UWE, and the wider UWE Bristol community.

This committee consists of a number of Theme Leaders who are student champions of sustainability, and help create and deliver campaigns and events, whilst also advising The Students’ Union and UWE Bristol on sustainability matters. Each Theme Leader has a special sustainability area that they represent in their role.

On Thursday 23rd March 2017 we held an AGM-style meeting to elect our new Theme Leaders. Keep reading to meet our new committee:


Description: With UWE’s own Community Garden on campus, as well as beehives, lakes, ponds, and many species of trees, UWE has a keen interest in biodiversity and the effects we have as a university on the wildlife of all campuses. This position is designed to promote the importance of biodiversity on our campuses and beyond!

Kate Sanderson

"Hi there! My name is Kate, I’m a second year studying Environmental Science, and I’m happy to announce I am the Biodiversity Theme Leader of UWE’s Sustainability Committee!

Being born and raised in the rural and stunning landscape that is North Wales I have always been a nature lover. I’d spend much of my time growing up climbing trees, exploring rock pools and hiking mountains as well as coming close to a variety of wildlife, being surrounded by nature gave me a natural inclination to this role! Additionally, I have a biology and art background and alongside studying environmental science I feel I can bring creative ideas to get everyone more in tune with the range of Biodiversity we have on campus and make it an area that attracts wildlife rather than deter it. Additionally, I feel nature and well-being come hand in hand and when times get difficult (as they so often do as a student!) it will be nice to know that there are safe and natural sights across campus where people can relax and find grounding in green spaces. At a time of a high rate of biodiversity loss and climate change I believe it’s important to do all we can to help out and that is what I intend to do with this role."

Campus Development

Description: With UWE’s continued campus development notably the Students’ Union Building, the new FBL block, and constant refurbishment of areas; campus development is always at the forefront of sustainable thinking. This spot is designed to allow the Theme Leader to represent the student voice.

Hannah Mitchell

"Hi, my name is Hannah Mitchell, I am currently a first year going but will be going into the second year of environmental science. 

I joined the sustainability committee in the hopes of ensuring change for a greener future. The planet and green spaces are not only essential but also beneficial to our mental and physical health and require a voice that I believe I can do as a member of the committee."


Description: With all these buildings, lights, fixtures, and fittings – energy is a topic that stems into many different areas. UWE also has the largest single array of solar PV of any university in the country. The energy of universities is a contentious issue, and this Theme Leader role is interested in working with UWE's energy team to maintain sustainable energy practices at UWE! 

Thomas Haines

"My name is Thomas Haines; I am a 2nd year BSc Environmental Science. I wanted to undertake this energy role primarily to assist and expand upon UWE’s current developments within renewable energies, such as their PV Solar panel array, as a primary importance to my studies & research – after developing contacts within the energy & sustainability teams during my time as Sustainability Officer from 2016-17. Furthermore, I wanted to take this role to allow the student voice to be showcased in such an important area – particularly with UWE’s current Sustainability commitments."


Description: UWE has around 30,000 students, from all walks of life, both undergraduate and post-graduate, with over 600 different courses. This position is for in getting students involved in green projects and ideas!

Andreas Ioannides

"Hi, my name is Andreas Ioannides. I am from Cyprus and came to UWE to study Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science which I am currently a third year in and on my placement all the way in South Africa.

As you can imagine I have a passion for conserving the environment and everything in it. When I saw that UWE had opened up a student sustainability committee, I was over the moon as it was just last year that my classmate and I did a project on "How Sustainable is UWE?” Uncovering areas that may very well be improved made me interested in wanting to do my part in improving our innovative university.

In my spare time, I like to be involved in as many different social groups that my time allows, as I love interacting and discussing topics with people from different backgrounds. I thought this to be a key skill for the Engagement position and know I would enjoy carrying out this role to the best of my ability. I am very glad I made the position and look forward to getting as many people possible involved in making our university a tad more Green."


Description: Water is a crucial resource in our society, and the impact of our university community on this limited supply must be considered when examining sustainability practices. This role is for an individual who is keen on changing the behaviours and systems around water use.

Karen Simpson

"Hello, I’m Karen Simpson. I believe I have lots of knowledge and experience to bring to the team, but I also want to learn from everyone else. Water is what I know, but I hope that by working with the other committee members I can broaden my knowledge and skills into other specialist areas, for example, there are many parallels between energy and water, and the two specialisms can learn from each other.

I am a mature student, currently in my 2nd year of PhD research within the geography department. I’m a Chartered Environmentalist and have 25 years’ experience working in the water sector. My last role was in water efficiency at Thames Water, and this was the starting point for my PhD. I am researching the water demand of showering, and using the on-campus student accommodation as my field site, to investigate behaviour change interventions with the aim of achieving a measurable and sustainable water demand reduction."

Food & Health

Description: This role involves helping develop healthier lives for our university and promoting well-being for all at all ages. The focus of this role could also be on the production and consumption of food as a crucial part of our sustainable community.

Daisy Pearce

"Hi, I am Daisy. I am currently in my first year studying BSc Geography. The reason I applied for the food and health position was due to the fact I am very passionate in  maintaining a good diet and keeping active in order to be happy and healthy. I am really looking forward to encourage the university to make changes that promotes sustainable eating and making students more aware on how important this is."

Portfolio Position 1

This committee spot has a fluid and open remit to focus on whichever aspects of sustainability the post holder sees fit.

Chelsea McNulty


"I'm Chelsea McNulty, a third year psychology student going on to study a masters next year and I wanted a position on the Sustainability Committee to help students with their sustainability projects and to run my own such as Plant Life, the vegan and vegetarian food festival that I helped organise last year."


We will hold a by-election in October to elect individuals into the unfilled positions. To see which Theme Leader roles are vacant, please see our webpage dedicated to the Sustainability Committee. If you would like to apply for any of these vacant positions please email