Meet new members of student-led Sustainability Committee!

Sustainability Committee is a group of undergraduate, Masters and PhD students passionate about all things green and keen to change the campus for the better. Each year, everyone has a chance to stand in elections and become a part of a great, energetic and creative team.

The Committee is meeting monthly in order to share ideas on campaigns, events and lobbying. We work closely with the Green Team, senior staff members and fellow students. This year, we’ll be focusing on lobbying SU and UWE Catering to reduce their plastic and waste. Among our priorities are also energy and water use in student halls. Finally, we’re committed to raise awareness of the local Green Space – improve signposting to community garden, orchards, and herb planters. Keep your eyes peeled on new student ideas and events . You can find out about the progress of our meetings here.

In October 2017, we held sustainability committee by-elections in order to fill in the remaining theme leader positions: IT (Henry Serlin), Waste (Ninette Harris), Procurement (Layla Redway-Maguire), Education (Amy Screech), Transport (Pete Lucas), Portofolio Position #2 (Curzio Potenza)
Currently, we work in a team of 13 motivated and dedicated student leaders!

Here is what some of our new members said about their roles:

Curzio Potenza


“I have been a young entrepreneur since the early years (I started a business selling home-made pizza at 13!), therefore I always like to think BIG. And while before this might have been for fame or money, since maturing I have taken on a greater responsibility. I’d like to help and care for the Earth, and the people who live on it. My visions may seem far-fetched: zero-waste, clean energy and resilient, organic food production systems. In the short term, I would like to impact my surroundings in the same vein - help UWE towards a greener future through action on food and energy waste, as well as involving students with our Community Garden”


Layla Redway-Maguire


“I’m here doing an MSc in Sustainable Development in Practice and I think that sustainable procurement is really important because the businesses who have the power to drive real change are strongly influenced by what they think their customers want. In choosing produce that contributes to a healthy world, we can give the companies which make the things we consume the clear message that the exploitation of people and the damaging of our vital life support systems is no longer an acceptable way to support our lifestyles. We’re better than that and we’re ready to show this to the world! “


Amy Screech

“I have just started working toward an MSc in Sustainable Development in Practice after spending two years working for the Soil Association. I am really excited to get involved with the committee and put some of the principles I learn into practice!”


If you, would like to raise any issues, submit your ideas, ask a question, please do not hesitate to contact the committee. You can do it via emailing