Tips to help you settle into your first term

Tips to help you survive first term

Moving to university is a big step, moving away from family and friends and making a life for yourself can seem overwhelming. We've got some top tips to help you settle in during your first term...

Wash up after your meal

Do your washing up and keep housemates happy

It may seem obvious, but it's a really useful tip if you're going to be living with new people. If everyone of your housemates didn't wash up after they cooked and left it until the next day, then that's six lots of dishes taking up room on your worktops. Keep a happy house and wash up after your meal so you don't cause any friction between your housemates. 

Plan when to do your uni work 

Schedule a work and social life balance

Keeping a simple work schedule is a great way to balance your studying and social life while at university. Our advice is to plan when you are going to study so you know when your free time is. That way, you can get your work done and still not miss out on any plans with your friends. 

Have some me time

Take some me time

The first term can be overwhelming with new classes, new people and a new home. It's important you take some time to unwind and relax by yourself. Do something that relaxes you, perhaps take a long walk, do some yoga or read a book, whatever you enjoy!

Talk to our Advice Centre

Chat to our Advice Centre

Our confidential Advice Centre, based at The Students' Union on Frenchay Campus, is here to help with any concerns or issues you may be having. Whether it's related to accommodation, studying, finances or personal circumstances, our team are here to listen. Come by and have a chat to let a member of our Advice team know if you're experiencing any issues with adapting to life at UWE.